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Dear valued Pisces Clients, Family and friends.

We know that family and health are the number one priority for everybody especially at a time like this with uncertainty and a virus that has grabbed headlines around the world.

We are following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention closely, and there are currently no Travel Advisories set for Mexico.

There have been no cases of Coronavirus in Cabo, and zero in our state, Baja California Sur.

Our unique geographical location, plus being the lowest density state in Mexico, is a positive factor on our side.  Warmer weather is also believed to be positive factor. Experts say, “sunlight and heat limit growth and longevity of the virus”. According to UNICEF, if the virus is exposed to a temperature of 78 F or higher, it will be killed as it does not live in hot regions. We are happy to report that it is 82 F in Cabo today.

Still, at Pisces precautions are being taken with training of everybody in our Pisces Group organization, instructed in correct prevention techniques. Actions we are taking include: Hand washing, cleaning and disinfection of door handles, counter surfaces, and seating in our offices and vessels more frequently. All areas have additional disinfecting wipes/sanitizer on hand. We are also instructing all employees to stay home if they have the slightest cold or flu like symptoms.

Apart from these newly introduced safeguards, life carries on as normal here. The weather has been nice, and the fishing has been great. Just this week we had 130 Striped Marlin Released by the fleet, 245 Yellowfin Tuna and great small game catches like Red Snapper, Grouper and others.

Our yacht clients are still enjoying their days on the water, with small private groups aboard them, far from the contamination which can be found in large crowds. We are enjoying the Humpback and Grey whales that are still around and putting on a show.
We would encourage you, unless Government restricts it, to continue with your scheduled fishing or yacht trip.

If after consideration you believe you need to cancel your trip please advise us with as much notice as possible.

Unfortunately, at this moment in time we shall not be processing refunds for cancellations but rather ask that you reschedule your trip. Your deposit will be good for up to 36 months from the date of your scheduled trip.

Those rescheduling will be given a discount or gift voucher for Pisces Group which can be used for any of our boats, yachts, merchandise, villas or Captain Tony’s restaurant.

We truly appreciate your understanding at this time and hope to see you here in Cabo soon, until then, stay healthy and happy.

With Appreciation,

From the entire Pisces team.

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