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About our Crew

Pisces crew is a team of professionals with years of experience on the water. With many of our captains fishing over 300 days a year saying that they know the area would be an understatement. Not only that, but most of our crews have grown up in the fleet, starting off as teenage deckhands, then progressing through the ranks; most of our team spend their whole professional fishing career at Pisces. Over the years the team have grown with the fleet, not only in size but in the way we fish and the way the resource is taken care of.  Our captains and mates are passionate about fishing, in fact there is nothing that they like to do better than be out on the water. For the past couple of decades, the mindset especially regarding billfish has changed and our crews are leaders in catch, take a picture, and release. The crew have been trained in safe fish handling techniques and are eager to share this with the guests, especially the tagging program, where anglers participate in tagging, naming their fish and tracking them on-line. We were the first fleet in Mexico to go exclusively to circle hooks for live bait fishing – proven to decrease mortality in marlin.  Crews are trained in first aid and CPR and all speak some English. What is great about fishing with Pisces is that you can develop a rapport with the crew of your choice and expect to find them on the same boat your next visit – we have anglers that have been fishing with the same crew for years and are firm friends. Our crews are more than just employees they are family and trusted partners. Whether it is a boy’s or girls fishing trip, father/son trip, or to fish a tournament with your eyes set on a prize, you cannot go wrong with the first-rate crews of Pisces.

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