Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Full Day fishing trip?
A Full Day Fishing trip is approximately 8 hours; from  6.30-7.00 am to 2.00-3.00pm. Custom departure times can be arranged, just inquire.
How long is the Half Day fishing trip?
A half day fishing trip is approximately 4 hours. 
How long is the Full Day Panga trip?
A full day fishing trip on panga is approximately 5 hours. We can extend to 8 hours with prior notice and at an extra cost. Inquire about this via email:
What is the difference between a Panga and a Regular fishing boat?
A Panga is an open skiff with an outboard motor. This type of vessel ranges in size from 22 to 27 feet & usually has a simple fighting chair as well as extra seating for up to 2/3 or 4  passengers at maximum and just one crew member (Captain). Pangas regularly have a "porta potty", rather than an enclosed toilet & some shade. A regular trip is for 5 hours & usually close to shore, though you may travel anywhere from 1 to 10 miles parallel to the coast, generally up the Pacific side, depending on the fishing season.

Regular fishing boats usually have an inboard motor, two or more crew members (Captain and Deckhand) 1 or 2 fighting chairs, ample shade or cabin and an enclosed bathroom.
What is a better option Full day or Half day fishing? Why?
Many times we’ve been asked what is a better option, whether full or half day; truthfully the answer should take several factors into consideration. But in short, we recommend a full day trip over a half day trip to increase odds at catching fish and to give the captain and crew more options on what to do with your day of fishing. 

This will also depend on weather conditions and the time it takes to get to the fishing grounds. Many times it can take between one and two hours to get out to the fishing grounds themselves, leaving very little time for fishing on a half day. A half day trip may also put the captain in a difficult position, having to go to a different location for fishing that may be closer but that may not result as productive if the best fishing is further out. The fishing season and target species also play a factor in this. For example, if you’re dreaming of catching a big Yellowfin Tuna or to tick that Marlin off your bucket list, then you're going to have to put in the time, and most likely head out further to land it. 

Of course if you have little time in your stay here and want to spend a day out on the water and try your luck, a half day may work nicely for you, especially if the fishing is close by or it is Inshore fishing season. However, keep in mind, that if you opt for a Full Day and have had your fill before the 8 hours, you can always decide to come back sooner; just talk to your captain.
Do you provide boat shares?
Short answer yes. BUT, be mindful that sharing a boat involves a series of factors you may want to consider first. Simple things like: you may not get along with the person you are sharing with, he/she may get seasick, the day may be slow and you may only have the opportunity to catch one fish. This instance might mean that you may not get to reel in a fish yourself at all (we usually flip a coin to see who will reel first). You may want to target one specific species and they may want to target another, etc. If of course you are traveling alone or will be fishing alone, a share may be a good way to meet someone else that enjoys fishing and reduce costs. Many times solo-anglers will fish with someone else they have met in Cabo or at the resort - that may be an option for you, and this way you can meet beforehand. How you split costs in this case would be left fully up to you. Another option for a solo-angler on a budget may be a Half Day Trip or Panga trip for inshore fishing.

But of course, If this fishing trip is something you have been planning and looking forward to for a long time, and have specific expectations on the fish species and outcomes, we strongly suggest against a boat share.

If you still choose to try and find a share, we require a deposit, which is fully refundable if we are unable to find anybody to go out with you. If we do find a share, your reservation is then confirmed and cannot be canceled without penalties. Please inquire about boat sharing directly by email at
Where do we meet our boat?
Departure location will be confirmed by your reservation agent when you receive your booking confirmation. Usually, fishing boats depart from the Hacienda Dock, at Gate “Blue Marlin #2”, which is located just in front of the Breathless Hotel.
There will always be one of our Dockmasters there to greet you with complimentary coffee and sweet rolls when you arrive and get you ready to depart. 
What do I bring with me on my trip?
We recommend you bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and a light jacket as the morning or the ride out can be a bit chilly. You can also bring a towel if you think necessary. And of course your camera, phone or GoPro to capture these memories. If you believe you may get seasick we have motion-sickness patches for sale at the office or dock. Take Dramamine or other motion-sickness pill at least 45 mins prior to boarding the boat. Consult with a doctor if necessary.
Is this a kid friendly activity?
Yes! The youngest anglers we’ve ever had were 2 month old twins!
Make sure you have enough sun protection and water for them. If you believe they may get seasick we have motion-sickness patches for sale at the office or dock. Consult with a doctor if necessary.

If you are bringing a small child/toddler and need a specific size life vest let us know in advance so we can have it onboard for you.
What are the costs of items such as box lunches, beverages or others, bought through Pisces?
Cost of items which can be added as extras to an All Inclusive Package or added to a Bare Boat package: Daily Fishing licenses: $18.00 per person, Live Bait $30.00 for 10 pieces of bait, Box Lunches $15.00, Beverages $1.00 each, freezing and filleting of catch varies according to size of fish, $1.50 to $20.00. All exclude 16% Sales Tax.

*live baits always subject to availability.
Do I need a fishing license and where do I buy it? How much does it cost?
Fishing licenses are required of every individual onboard, unless they are under 12 years old. We will purchase fishing licenses for you before your trip and have them at the dock for your departure. We process all fishing licenses online the day of the trip and charge them at cost $18.5 USD - Daily license (18USD + online processing fee and taxes) 

You can also purchase your license on your own at the dock (with cash) where we depart from and avoid online processing fees, but paper licenses are not always available. You may save a few dollars per license, but maybe take up more time or risk not being able to purchase it in the AM.
Is there weekly, monthly or yearly fishing licenses we can purchase? How much do they cost?
Yes, we can purchase a weekly license for you at $37 USD, Monthly for $52 USD and Yearly for $69.6 USD (processing fee and taxes included in price). These are also available at the dock where we depart for you to buy on your own (see above response)
Where do we buy live bait and/or can we purchase extra?
We buy fishing bait the morning of your fishing trip directly from the bait guys at the dock. If you have purchased the All Inclusive fishing trip with us your bait is included in the price. The cost per bait is $3 dlls a piece. We include 10 pieces in this package. If you are on the Bare Boat fishing package or wish to purchase extra bait, advise your Captain or Dock Master when you arrive and they will contact bait guys for you. 
How far out do we go fishing?
On a Full Day of fishing you can expect to head anywhere from 1 to 25 or 30 miles offshore. Half Day fishing may be limited on how far they will go in the allotted time.Depending on the bite or the fish you are targeting you may wish to head outside of our regular fishing grounds. 
What is the Finger Bank and can we fish there?
Finger Bank fishing is a dream for Sportfishing enthusiasts or those looking to tick an epic day of Marlin fishing off their bucket list. We have had solo anglers catch and release over 30 Striped Marlin in one day. But because the Finger Bank is outside of our normal fishing range (51 miles and about a 2 hour ride out on our Standard Vessels) there is extra costs associated with it, as well as more time allotted to your fishing day. In the table below you can find some information on this. We will need to know prior to your arrival at the dock if you wish to fish the Finger Bank. If you have any questions on Finger Bank fishing please reach out to us at
What are my odds of catching fish?
Your odds greatly increase the moment you step foot on your boat. Staying on land without fishing rod in hand has never gotten us much luck!

With that said, we have kept strict records and daily fishing reports for around 30 years, and have catch success rates and statistics of every vessel. Our crews have a Catch Success Rate of 85% or higher from year to year. This means that when they go out fishing they catch fish 85% of the time! 
How many fish are we allowed to keep?
We respect all catch limits as outlined by Mexican law. Catch limits are stated on your fishing licenses. We release billfish.
Can we take fish back home with us?
Yes, you can take fish back with you to the USA. Fish will need to be frozen solid to take with you on the plane. We provide freezing and filleting of your catch in our All-Inclusive packages or you can add this service on if you are fishing under the Bare Boat package. 

We have hard coolers (cannot be styrofoam cooler for travel) in our office for purchase and will help you pack your cooler if needed. You can also buy and bring your own hard cooler (recommended places to buy for example are City Club or Walmart in town). Once you arrive at airport make sure to have your fishing license with you and do NOT seal the cooler shut until they have checked your fish. You can take duct tape with you to seal cooler, but many times they have this at the check-in counter. 

We also arrange vacuuming-packing of your fish with delivery to your hotel or residence for a fee, if desired. Vacuum packing will allow your fish to keep longer when frozen.
What will I be able to catch?
Depending on the fishing season there are various options of fish to harvest or release. Cabo is known as the Marlin Capital of the world, and that is because we are one of the few places where you can catch Striped Marlin year round. These Billfish range from 50 pounds to up to 200 pounds. Other Marlin such as Blues and Blacks are also found in Cabo and in very good sizes and numbers (these can weigh up to 1,000 pounds!). Yellowfin Tuna is also a main target for avid fishermen, with the World Record Yellowfin landed in Cabo a few years ago, weighing in at 427 pounds. Dorado, Wahoo and Roosterfish are some of the other species most sought after. You can find out more here: Fishing Seasons

Our Yearly Catch Results 2023

Peak Season by Species

Based on Our Yearly Catch Results 2023
You can also refer to our Weekly Fish Report Archives to get a better idea of specific catches during each season, which can vary from year to year.
Which fish are best to eat?
Good eating fish are Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo, Snapper, Sierra Mackerel, Yellowtail, Amberjack, Triggerfish, Grouper.
What can we do with the fish we catch and keep?
There’s quite a few things you can do with the fish you catch. One of our favorites is to have fresh fish cooked at a local restaurant like Captain Tony’s which is right on the marina. Your filleted fish can be taken to restaurant for you by Pisces and reservation arranged, or you can bring your fish over yourself when you are ready. Captain Tony’s offers all Pisces anglers a discount when bringing their fish to be prepared.

Keep in mind that certain fish in Cabo are reserved exclusively for sportfishing, these are for example, Dorado (Mahi-Mahi), Marlin (which we choose to release).
Can I bring the Marlin (or other Billfish) on to the boat for a picture?
We have been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for Conservation by the Billfish Foundation and serve on the board of two nonprofits dedicated to research and conservation of our fisheries, with a special focus on Billfish: Gray FishTag Research and ASUPESCA (“Sustainable fishing for all”). For many of our 43 years in Sportfishing it was standard practice to remove the fish from the water and bring it on board for a picture. However, we have recently learned through scientific studies that removing the fish from the water and taking it on board greatly increases its chance of dying. By not taking the fish out of the water the fish stands a 90% plus chance of survival.

Pisces Sportfishing and all of the fishermen and their families in Cabo, would greatly appreciate your support on this matter, which is key to keeping our fishery and industry alive and healthy.

We choose to keep all billfish in the water upon their release and comply with Federal Regulations on the Proper Handling of Billfish. You can see the regulations here.

YOU CAN take pictures with the Billfish in the water, our crew have been trained to aid you in taking the pictures and maintaining both your safety and that of the fish while doing so. This will most likely be dependent on weather conditions and on the condition of the fish. Examples of proper handling:
Please note that taking a picture with a wild animal may be dangerous and only done if the conditions allow it, to maintain everyone's safety (including that of the fish!).
How much should I tip my crew?
We recommend between 10% and 20% of the total boat price. Of course, if you feel the crew did an excellent job, you are welcome to leave more to recognize their effort. You can hand the tip to the Captain and he will split it with the Mate(s).
When are the fishing tournaments in Cabo and can I rent a boat for any of these?
We do charter boats for tournaments and add a “Tournament Fee” to cover extra hours and fuel. Usually this fee is about 30% or more, but may vary from vessel to vessel. Please ask your reservation agent about this via email at

We have several internationally recognized tournaments in Cabo with chances at some BIG Money, they are listed below by month:

Please note, all of these tournaments have their own entry fees, but there is ONE free tournament in Cabo, the Los Cabos Charter Boat Classic, which you just have to register for and entry is your charter.