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Pancho puts on the pounds!

Date: 2/21/2014

As you can see Pancho is putting on the pounds. He has become such a well known personality that every boat that comes back in looks for him if they have left over bait. Pancho spots the bait being waved over the bait tank and makes a bee line for the back of the boat. Seen here at the Pisces Ruthless he rises out of the water to grab the boat showing off his impressive girth.


Super Successful 2013 For Standard Cruisers....the Winners are?

Date: 1/4/2014

The numbers are in, proving once again why Pisces is the number one choice in Cabo with catch rates higher than other operators


Big thresher shark caught today in Cabo

Date: 12/16/2013

Fishing is hot in Cabo right now, even with a full moon. This large shark was a bonus catch today


They're practically jumping in the boat!

Date: 12/2/2013

Gary and Leslie from Jackson, Mississippi had a fantastic day on Pisces Tracy Ann releasing six striped marlin and boating a dorado.


Day 1 Results of Tuna Tournament

Date: 11/8/2013

Leader in Day One Tuna Jackpot is a 147.8 LBS tuna caught by the Reel Medicine.


Tuna Tournament Gets Underway

Date: 11/6/2013

W.O.N Tuna Jackpot Tuna Tournament kicked off today with 135 boats participating

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