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Pisces Fishing Reports

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Fishing Reports

Pisces Sportfishing 7th-13th April 2012

Date: 4/13/2012

The week started out on the slow side, but as the moon began to decrease in size the marlin catches started to come back. Starting out the report was “Tracy Ann” with two striped marlin released for Riley and Drew Walker from Lakeville, Minnesota, at the 11.50 spot on live jurelito, aboard “Tracy Ann”.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Sportfishing 1st-6th April 2012

Date: 4/6/2012

This week we had really good fishing up until the moon got big, then the fish dispersed and the hot spot at Punta Gorda went flat and we had a couple of days of slim pickings. Boats that had steadily caught marlin all week went to the usual place and came up blank, whereas a few other boats ventured into the rougher Pacific and found some odd billfish off of the Old Lighthouse.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Sportfishing 14th-23rd March 2012

Date: 3/23/2012

We are in March, traditionally a slow month for marlin, not necessarily because they are not here but getting them to bite is hard. Scientists think that this time of year may be when they are breeding and spawning and as such feeding is less important to them at this time. Added to this are the blustery winds on the Pacific making it hard for boats to fish and lower water temperatures all contributing factors to lower catch rates this week.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Sportfishing 10th-16th March 2012

Date: 3/16/2012

This week we had some really fantastic catches and then other days where many boat caught nothing. Top catch of the week was by Al Monte from Sutton, Massachusetts, for his 391 lb swordfish caught aboard “Tracy Ann”, whilst fishing with his two sons, they also released two striped marlin and boated six yellow fin tuna, just six miles off of the Old Lighthouse on the Pacific side.

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